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SpaceX #Dragon splashes down [seq/gif]

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SpaceX Falcon9 rocket/ Dragon spacecraft on cover of for winning 2011 Breakthrough Award

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Thanks to for an awesome event. We loved the rocket cupcakes!

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UPGRADE: SpaceX's 550,000 HQ was used to assemble 747 fuselage sections. Today it houses F9 rocket/ Dragon spacecraft production. Pics of the factory floor then and now.

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In 2007 the SpaceX lobby wasn't nearly as welcoming as it is today.

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Four years ago, SpaceX moved into our headquarters in Hawthorne, CA. Since then we’ve made a lot of changes. Then and now pics

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These 8 Dragons, and those that follow, will lay the groundwork for the ultimate adventure...

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Dragon #8: Another set of Dragon pressure vessel walls ready for conic forming

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Dragon #7: Panels for CRS3 are being prepped for assembly

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Dragon #6: Dragon Commercial Resupply Services 2 pressure vessel is pictured here in circumferential welding

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Up Next Dragon #5: CRS1 pressure vessel for the 1st of 12 missions under CRS contract for SpaceX to carry cargo to and from the Space Station.

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Dragon #4:Dragon COTS2 getting ready 2B 1st commercial spacecraft to berth with Space Station (pictured) SpaceX is working with NASA towards 11/30/11 launch target. NASA & SpaceX have technically agreed to combine COTS II/III allowing Dragon berth with ISS, but NASA hasn’t given formal approval yet.

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Dragon #3: COTS Demo 1 spacecraft, made history when it launched on 12/8/10 & became 1st commercial spacecraft to return to Earth from orbit. SpaceX uses it for extensive testing to improve future spacecraft.

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Dragon #2: Dragon test article, dropped 14,000 ft 8/10 to test parachutes and recovery ops. SpaceX uses it to today to test systems for berthing at the Space Station

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Dragon #1:Dragon model, pictured here at . SpaceX is using it to test crew seats as we prepare Dragon to carry astronauts.

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Work is well underway for the following Falcon 9/Dragon mission, likely 1st mission under the NASA CRS program.

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The Falcon 9 rocket that will carry Dragon to orbit stands vertical at SpaceX's Cape Canaveral launch site

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And work continues at our CA HQ on the Dragon spacecraft that will berth with the Space Station later this year

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In the update: Pictures of demo work at Vandenberg Air Force Base as SpaceX prepares pad for Falcon Heavy

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Cracking up: Elon Musk, LtGov Newsom, & Mayor Linn enjoy a laugh over little shovels at yesterday's groundbreaking ceremony at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The first flight of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket - the most powerful rocket in the world - will take place at the new launch site at Vandenberg.

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