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here's a picture of us and the teacher that's leaving. omg, I'm gonna miss her:'(

look at what has just sent me hahahahah SEXY DEN A MUTHA #Dirkette

RT if you're a proud Dirkette like me and . All hail our idol Dirky baby

could you please take 1 minute to rear this?! ITS VERY IMPORTANT!

dont judge meh, but dis man is ma idol. He is myne nd I will luff him 4EVAAA! I luv u Dirky baby!

oh yes. We totally should;) omfg look at this picture that someone just tweeted hahahahaha

omg hahahahah! That is hilarious! LOOK AT THIS hdjrkkfkffkfkkfkf

OMFG! that buummmm! THIS ONE!!

omfg yesssss! she's so hot, ugh why can't she be my girlfriend?! This one though hsjssjsjsjsjjs *dead*

look at where Cheryl's hand is though, lmao

me and being cool.

here is me and with our moustaches. we are so cool, be jel of our coolness. N

here is me and with out moustaches. we are so cool, be jel of our coolness.

me, James and Abi♡

me and Joe. I actually love him. He makes me laugh so much hahah

me and Danny Mac. He looks even more gorgeous every time I meet him:'P

me and Jen Metcalfe♡

me and Rob again. I look terrible, and he just looks as gorgeous as usual hahah ♡

me and Bronagh, shes such a lovely lady♡