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SOOPer. Mexy. Conservative. TeaPartier, cartoonist, studied in theology, math & philosophy. I made Thomas Sowell laugh. Señor Fellow at LatinoCon Foundation.

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This is the hallway outside my otherwise swanky hotel room. I half expect spooky twin girls around a corner..

Good Morning Newly Liberated Americans!!! We have cast off (some of) the chains of tyranny!! Have a donut!! =>

Awesome pic ===>

<=== does 's wife know he's following this floozy?! #hhrs

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Let's go buffalo!!!

Waitin in line

Saw Niagara Falls today... very cool.

For a hick-redneck bar, I am impressed by the bathroom wall writ wit ===>

"We Hold These Truths..." from Jefferson Memorial (pic)

Bought replica of Decl. of Indep. Memorial-*really* hope it's not made in China by child slaves! #tcot

Earlier @ the Jefferson Memorial ....

#GadsenFlag Rural entrance to a house... very cool! ==>

cmon over I got a 12pack and frozen hamburgers!!

outside my office

I'm out of whiskey, crackas.... who's got some white guilt and needs reparations!?