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So is the question how did I get to be so awesome? Because I don't have an answer for you.

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These were all the girls at school that wore skirts. I'm honesty the only one missing. #yearbook #poly #LBC.

Jim was still cute in season 1...but he has come a long way! #theoffice

Starting #theoffice from the beginning....

Yay! joined Laura's Salon #glitter #glitter everywhere.

So I'm engaged!!! Look at this beauty

I can count the times someone comes crying to my mom. Yet they never listen to her to begin with. Pobresitos

For the people that don't know the song let it rain or are freakishly blind. Haha #avjokes

#starbucks #frappucino #happyhour theme: best friends. !

They sound like this is like for real. Wow. Love them , & Chuy. #monopoly

The most awkward couple. Well I think they are.....

Watching #thelittlerascals with the kiddos for Cellula. Maybe next week we shall have a lesson.


Darn you . I scraped myself with your damn purse. #ouch

The Doritos Taco. #notgreat

Oh yes we are.

My sissie made muffins out of the pulp left in the juicer. Sounds YUMMY. #healthytweet

I was watching shark week 2010... becareful. But sharks eyes are their weakness. #lifelesson

": We win! This is as good as they get. real talk. But look at ours today.

Have I ever told you guys about 's hair? Look how amazing it is. The girl I next to her is .

Use this one :)

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