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she owns (and operates) her own sunshine factory. champion of the underage and the underdog; very focus on football, tennis and the pursuit of shallowness

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ugh, I know :/

Twitterrrrrr, I’m stuuuuuuuck (again). Anyone know what this is, plz?

OK, we’re both stuck. Anyone got any idea what this is, please?

Ohh-kaay, that doesn’t seem QUITE fair…

well would you look at that :)

We have above-zero temperatures today! How hoobygroovy is that?!


Not the best driving conditions

Anyway, what clothing brand has what looks like a skull as its logo? Or is he just wearing his own stuff?

Wait what when did Tommy change his userpic does this mean he’s coming back?

it does!

Homework time.

I knoooow <33 Also, did you see these?

I knoooow <33 Also, did you see these?


Think I need a new make-up bag

Ahhhhh first tour-level title since 2011 :) :) :) (All right, it’s doubles not singles, but do I care? Do I, bollocks)

Look who just popped through my letterbox in the local free paper, !

um, now with image proof

To help you on your journey: small-Spaniard bum-fondling :)