former raver/dealer recovering from a drug flashback/demonic party / rave / moontribe / burning man past - thru guitar/makin musik, gaming, meds, prayer,& Jesus

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#Miiverse in-game NSMBU sketch, Tomb Raider Mario haaa

So dats da Staple Center, where LA Kings, Lakers, & Clippers play

We got a free puck & McFluury ^^ #gokingsgo

This #WiiU #Miiverse chit-chat in the Scibblenauts community cracked me up LOL ^.^ #nintendo

My lil tri-force pyramid #WiiU #Miiverse sketch in the Zelda community

My #miiverse Twilight 007 sketch, so good, my art is simply divine, imma enter it in sum festivals & galleries

1of my #Miiverse sketches got 42 yeahs, which is a lot 4me, & didnt even try on this 1, it's a joke for Earthbound fans

#WiiStreetU by Google, u can go to The Great Barrier Reef in Australia & tour UNDERWATER!! Aaww cute lil turtle! #WiiU

Cranberries vid chick playin guitar, at this moment this is my image of a perfect gurl, god yes pls

My #Miiverse sketch of Shiki from #TheWorldEndsWithYou, she's so adorable!! <3 #WiiUart

I'm going w/crude stick figure drawings for #Miiverse lol, my #Borderlands for #WiiU plea

#Miiverse sketch on my other accnt, everyone rags on the 30 Great Games bear, so I made a trashy girl version haaa

#Miiverse sketch for balloon fight, he thinks he's a bird lookin for a clean car, eh, not very funny o well

#Borderlands2, Gaige's leopard outfit & safari hat from last DLC is how I wanna dress at #BurningMan LOL (ooo goggles)

Quick #Miiverse sketches if mine, Super Iwata (#Nintendo president) & a sad 30 Great Games bear (inside Miiverse joke)

Playin #TheCave on #WiiU, ripe w/ 's quirky humor, but no Wii U gamepad functionality is VERY DISAPPOINTING!

My #Miiverse art on my joker account, rainbow pony butt & micky mouse boobs, wonder if I'll get banned haar haaaar :p

Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror is like perfectly adorable <3

My raddest #Miiverse sketch ever #MLP

Watchin football game w/ #Nintendo #WiiU #TVii is amazing, pad shows drive info, stats, scores, highlights,chat/comment