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Catchier than "Sic Semper Tyrannis" (thank you, ):

Also, is this the Captain's doing?

If the UK is the US's closest ally… then shouldn't they elect a Republican president to go with Cameron? Also:

It's a couple of pages back…

I meant more like this: /cc #longstandingfeud

I had to do this as therapy: #davepitiesthefoo

I am not above taking an occasional picture.

Squirrel is cold.

#OCTranspo efficiency:

She () doesn't think she looks as stellar as I think she looks. You decide:

Here are , , , , and in studio: #IJ48HFP

Here's what the mutant wasp/bee/dragonfly/caterpillar I saw this morning looked like, roughly:

Whilst looking up the derivation of "tyled": (Great, Junius lives in my Google. I blame .)

Seriously. It's 2009 and I'm excited.

This probably looks weird out of context:

This says it all:

Oh, Canada. (still life)

Logan? I found it.