Miguel Cervantes is like a firefighter without all the heroics and shit, he just draws stuff but is likely to die in a fire.

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They're moving the Internet by the truckload

Had to

PTS: sat as usual shits pippin off, livin the good life :)

PTS: I like to call this "fort knox"

they're still filmin, 30 scooters just drove by, closed off glendale blvd, 3am

3 am filmage at the 'shanter

WTF is my friend Danny doing #pizzanachosandwich #thisiswhyyourefat

Pizza dude :vo haha

Startin the week off right with throwin some summer fun at the echo



Our cabbys got awesome party favors, might have to change my mind bout the OC

No dryer - need clean jeans

in echo park, fuckin awesome

Homeboys getin a BJ on the freeway!!! I tried to take a pic!!

Throwin turkeys in the 10th like it's fuckin thanksgiving

There's a duck chillin in my front yard, I think he's sick or hurt :(

Yeah boi

awww yeahhh biotches