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What an awesome friend :|

Massacred midnight snack with and my brother XD Wacko Taco! <3

: "Nik, what's that on your shirt? Niggas and a blond girl?" I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING :))))

Wazzup ;)

Andoks for dinnah XD

they just look like poorly baked pancakes :))) look! HAHAHAHAHA. But they taste awesome XD

iPod resolution is always sucky -___- MY BB IS SO PRETTY <3 while I still have bed hair. Lol have fun! :*

Noice :))) napasok ko si Shalli sa gox XD

Say hello to :)) she's sleeping over XD

I'm sweeter than you ;) hohoho. I love you

So early at schoooool. Bv. :)))))

Other half!



Am I doing this right? Looks weird :))))

hurr you go :)))) HAHAHAHA HI I LOVE YOU XD

*gasp* look what I found XD dunno what game it plays tho :)))))

Oohhhh, cream soda :3

Damn, look at all the food :))))

My brother attempting and failing in pushing my best friend to the other side of the bed

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