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I'm an unrehabilitated designer shoe junkie who spouts random, pointless drivel. But every now and then? I make people gigglesnort. True story. ♥

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This woman loves me.

My notepad is so pretty! Yes, I am 28 and things like this excite me. What of it?

View this.





What's your poison?

What is wrong with this picture? :]

Grapes+Ritz.ColdCuts+Pepperjack+Brie+Camembert+Leerdammer+Cheddar+Grey Goose+RealGoodVintage+beautiful friends=AWESOME BIRTHDAY SHENANIGANS!

Is it legal to drive around with this on the front seat?

I love it when I read unassuming tweets that make me go like *this* in real life.

Remember Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers? I think he just grew a penis.

This pussy.

This is as cold-blooded as it's gonna get, .

This is a very guilty squid.

What is up with the porn-ish ads on UberSocial? Am I the only one getting this? #freeversion #imacheapskate

If you think all I ever do is tweet nonsense and not get anything else done, allow me to prove you wrong.

According to , hippo milk is pink. Mmmmm. *licks lips*