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You can't out-American my shirt.

This thrift store has some great deals!

This is what happens when I try to steal WiFi in a bad neighborhood.

The solar eclipse is doing some crazy things to the shadows in my backyard!

Guess what we're shooting today!

Starting to notice a very dangerous trend in the coupons sent to our house. Who's hungry?

What is this strange device powering this plane?! #wishusluck #centuryoldtechnology

Mmm, Poopy Sunshine :)

Omg, they made a biography about Rebecca Black?

This picture always makes me laugh

Get well soon, Subie!

Peeled a tangerine in one piece. #LikeABoss

One of the coolest fan arts ever!

I love when places ask for your name, and totally mess it up. This is a new one!

Cali has the most baller sunsets. That's right, liking sunsets is #MANLY

Doing some research for an upcoming video. Which drawing is the funniest?

New facial hair style?

Paused Sons of Anarchy at a weird spot. Is she crying or about to sneeze? #idstillhitit #withanantisneezingstick

This is what you get when you pull the seats out of a $500 car from 1991. I hope that cheeto is still edible.

Omg this made it into the dictionary. #InternetWin