Robert Smith


I like running really fast and eating cat poo. I live with @arthurwhippet & @lauriepink & @essers

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We like baby Wilbur! He smells nice! We are not so sure about the noise...

When tidies, we get confused and afraid

Today the sun was shiny.

We played with Walter at the park!

Last night me and went to 's house! Here I am with and !

I have finished my pizzle now. I miss it. I am remembering eating it.

Om nom nom nom nom nom pizzle...

The bulls pizzle was SO GOOD that I had to bury it RIGHT AWAY!


Look! It was for US!


Quite tired now.

Oh, good afternoon. Welcome to my boudoir.

had a bacon sarnie.

Look! I am Alice Cooper!

Your pictures made remember to cover me & up!

Ben the puppy and Max the Jack Russell did LOTS of wrestling! I am at the back, getting my ball!

Arthur, then Dexter running next to me (he caught my ball). At the front is Max in white, and Dexter's sis, Jess

My chicken is different! It is all fluffy so I can suckle it when I am sleepy!

I opened my present on my OWN