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I like running really fast and eating cat poo. I live with @arthurwhippet & @lauriepink & @essers

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Today has been by brother for TWO YEARS! He arrived like this with & !

A proper puppy brother! The BEST kind of brother! Here is me & when he was new!

A proper puppy brother! They are the BEST kind of brother! Here is me & when he was new!

Look! I am chasing ! We are going our FASTEST!

Having cuddles with

Here is doing his Do Not Like face at Ripley. I am waiting for the ball! I have MUDS on!


Hellooooooo! What are you doing? I am doing this!

I just... found it there!

. is still in bed, so I am still in bed too. Sometimes it is hard being so loyal.

I have had a sexy picture taken for 's birthday

When we go camping, I eat my food OUTSIDE!

My toes are dirty.

. was in the water with ! I went in to check on them, then got out again. It was wet.

Look! I got the ball out of the water!

Having a chat with on 's birthday ( )

Me and sitting nicely for crisps from

I waled in and I GOT THE BALL OUT! Look at all the wet! I was very brave.

So I was BRAVE

I didn't know what to do!