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Hah! Love your voodoo baby. Here are my socktopus & sock monsters, Stan & Chester.

In the Toys aisle: tattoo gun, counterfeit $, burner cel phone & handcuff. Childhood sure has changed.

We've come a long way from the Easy Bake Oven

Knee sock clearance sale at Target FTW!

Don't mess with the Demolition Man.

Fortunately, I have a lap full of cat. Best relaxation therapy I know.

Spent the evening at Cafe Luna, sketching while Damon played guitar. Fabulous fun!

Damon drew quite a crowd at Cafe Luna tonight.

Obligatory more snow photo

More #WAsnow for

More #WAsnow for

#WAsnow for

#WAsnow for

#WAsnow for

Sneak peek at one of the pieces I finished today: "Embracing Chaos"

Stinky ponders whether to jump on my head or simply sink his claws into my nose. #morningCATface

Also, I am suspicious of the company name on this construction shed.

This machine is operating right beneath my office window today. It makes lots of noise. Can you say annoying?

I think your alarm clock is supposed to go off in a half hour. Want to get up now & wait for it? #morningCATface

If you know me, you know why my husband got me the perfect Valentine.