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once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!!

Photos and Videos by @smackinyc

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This was ekatrinburg wishing me a happy birthday. So special. #LOVE

If you had a hand in this, i am so grateful. Thank you for making me feel special. #LOVE

Thank you so much Groezrock and all euro friends that hung out with us. So glorious! #LOVE

Holy Belgian acoustic set batman. Thanks for being there people. #GroezrockorBust

Belgium has been awesome thus far. These 3 holmes were talking to us as we walked to rehearsal. So funny. #baaaa

Team goin out belgium style. #GroezrockorBust

Thank you seattle weather Gods. Beautiful day for 18. #LOVE

We warmed the crowd up for the far east movement. #likeag6

Holy mercer university batman!!

So good to be in the south. Thank you mercer uni for taking care of us.

Was given the guitar hero van halen edt by my no tweet brother. Still chuckle when i see this stuff. #teamYellowcard

Wheres everyone at!?! Lets hoop!

My no tweet brother made dinner! Salmon, ribeye, spinach quiche, cornbread! What a meal! Happy Easters. #LOVE

Just going over the last few things we need. Almost finished! New record!!!

Strings are done!! I hope yall like it. Love these people for making us sound good. #LOVE

I have just penned my final note for this record! Another 19hr day in the books. #summer2012release #studiosamurai

Side note, if youve never had a bad day, and you wanted to know what one looked like, pau gasol is having one. #boom

Late night violin with no tweet erich and this old guy. #400yrsoldsoundsgood

These people make us sound goooood. Thanks rodney and christine! #LOVE

By 1pm we used this. 60% of the time, it works everytime... #whammy #studiosamurai

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