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Being dragged through life kicking and screaming...Team Canada BodyRocker

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Premise of the game-- to exact revenge on ALL for failing to receive an invite to a sleep over... #IWant #LifeStory

A lil' red riding hood puzzle that I wann get. Sick no?? #LilRedRidingHood

This should be the pic for the book you'll eventually write about your rise to fame :-)

Liqour me up chill-- pizza wasted, portley plans, to be continued.....

Where'd you get a kidney surprise?-- Aaron Squared

#FML ! I owe OSAP 5 grand now because I dropped my full time studies. #BreakingMyBalls

The tequila is what did me in last night. #TakingItSleazy #Strunked #StraightUpSloshed #Slurrring

Thank you for the good times random factory. #Strunked

These 2 are too cool for school. Taking it SLEAZAAAY home-paudgray. Socoooooo alll night long. Suck on my dick ahhh 2x

Aaron squared taking a piss in the bushes. Took a pic because he didn't want me to. #TakeThatDick

Legit rape van-- hide yah kids, hide yah wife cuz errybody getting raped up in hurr.

4 nights of straight up partying for this one day--the 20th birthday!! We did good, we did good. #Proud #Smrunked

My hommies just chin-chillin'

Back breaking labour & the store's still far from complete. #FML

Waited in line for an hour while it was POURING out! It was all worth the wait-- gears gears GEARS

Saw this dude on campus today with an extreme looking backpack. Looks like he's rocking an #XBox strapped to his back

I'm about to nommm the shitt outta this bad boy. #SeshedOut

B-ville chillage--British junk food, the ballad of gay toni, amaretto shots, sessssher, throwback 90's hip hop. #Summer

My vegetarian moussaka is finished baking!!

My kitchen looked like a #warzone after making that blasted #moussaka!!

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