Kalonji Abdul..


This is my living journal.. I chronicle my daily thoughts in real-time to ppl I may never meet in person, but appreciate just the same.. (1Love ≈ 2Fangaz)

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What in the BLUE HADES is going on on I-85N in Montgomery?!! I can't win for NOTHING TODAY!

Thanks for taking the time to chat w/ us tonight! Much success & until next time! #SaturdayNightCinema

Meanwhile I caught Sister Long-legs in action earlier. Showing off for her sister & I.

'The Meeting' (feat. historical leaders, Malcolm X & Dr. Martin L. King, Jr) coming to starting Nov. 1st!

1st day off book in rehearsal... Back to character development. #iamMalcolmX

.. back to running lines....

Maaaan we shoulda had this convo over these cigars & sippy!

#SlickAfterDark ..

Im cooln now, but TONITE?! We welcome home my brother & celebrate my cuzzo's bday at the MANSION! #BeOut

.. Of course, I should rest tho, since I spent the middle of my day on a high-flying obstacle course.

Back to thuggin' it..

all done!

.. Kiss the mic.

*sips Jack & snickers* |

I'm back on it starting August 15th! ... I fell off the wagon slightly. Btw, want something to eat?

I know it's late, but this cigar has been burning my hands since Friday. Time to switch roles. Deja Vu here I come..

Made some fresh popcorn on the stove. Poured a dranky drank. Watching this ratchetness real quick & start writing.

. remind your folk that the #BMESummit is going on right NOW until 8pm at the Union Station Train Shed!

Meanwhile I just pickd up 2 of the last FEW tix to 's WonderFULL World of Fashion SUPER Curves show Sunday!

..and supplies the picture proof. The ruling is -- Heck nawl!