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"No amount of 'participatory democracy' we've seen has changed fact that authority is the servant of the rich"

at the Shamrocks (lacrosse) game with Cal


islands in the clouds

fairy condos at Playfair #kidsfindthebeststuff

ambled down to Playfair Park, still in bloom, the hidden jewel of Saanich Parks

great quote by Chomsky about why huge student debt burden is not just unfair, but a way to enforce status quo

my effort at a ladybug birthday cake for

this wee guy was sunning himself beside at Tod Inlet

part-the-way shorn for Spring #TwitPict

blue!!! #yyj

next door, the adults are already underway at the Victoria Open Data hackjam

Victoria Youth Open Data Hackjam (hoping a few more show)

opening 30 pages contains most succinct summary of last 450 years of geopolitical/economic history I've read

50lbs more books to the used bookstore (this time Camas, our local anarchist collective) resulted in this haul

even unemployed job seekers need mental health days - used mine today to swap 50lbs of old books for these

homemade sushi & tempura with my special girl, who just told me "eat it don't tweet it Dad!"

Feb 1, Victoria, BC


for (see you in a couple of days)