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Standing room only at tonight's Common Council meeting. #KingstonNY #savecooperlake

Thank you to and our northern neighbors for helping us through our American worm shortage crisis!

"Mom, why is the Easter bunny so scary?"

Look! A yeti in my backyard today!

THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE!!!! And a bowl of Cheerios. Saturday nights really haven't changed much since I was 10.

Fascinating! Tantalizing! Dangerous! Bette, that's not legal in Singapore!

Tonight! The grave can't hold it! Nothing human can stop it! The Thing That Couldn't Die! 1958! 1 and a half stars!

. Here's what happened just in last 48 hours! Also, smell of #Bactene makes me nostalgic! #BandAid #summer

Not only do I watch the Kelly dog for weekend but I also have oversight of their homemade crystal growing collection!

How did they get pass this sophisticated security system?!

MISSING #KingstonNY - teenager Michael Soechting has been missing for over 24 hours. If you see him, call .

Ooo! Look! It's the mitzvah tank! #NYC

Today Mrs Kelly and I traveled back in time!

I tried to lose the but they're smarter than Hansel & Gretel!

I recalled removing a paper I wrote from bag before losing it: Reconciling Identity with a Four-Dimensional Universe!

The day got better! After being rejected at #DMV, I lost my Most Important Official Documentation Bag!

You need them! I have them! Let me be your neighborhood dealer! #KingstonNY

I'm surprised the squirrels haven't eaten his eyes out yet.

Highlight of #NYCC. Thank you for lending your publicist to help steady my pre-Parkinson's hand.

The Kelly girl posted her birthday/Christmas list to the front door of her house, just incase you need ideas.