Part time dog rescuer, full time hockey fan. It's a little bit of giddy up and a little bit of life comin' at you from #Caps nation.

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This is one sleepy Moo Cow after a full day of LuckyDog fun. #fb

DPF said he stood outside Kettler for an hour and a half waiting for Adam Oates, bc he wanted to get my gift signed

Work w/Lucky Dog has its highs and lows. Had a low moment tonight then saw this letter from one of my adopters.

what did you do to anger one of my dogs??? #caps

doesn't get much cuter than this #orangeroom

big paws mean more to love #orangeroom

does get much cuter than this #orangeroom

here this should make you smile...Nico the Puppy falling asleep in someone's hands as they pet him

Willie the Wizard! (His face says "I wish I could make you disappear right now...")

duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun... duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun #AllyShark

Perfect Halloween Card from :)))


Remembering bdays is easy but the special people remember those days where your heart hurts a little more. DPF sent me flowers to brighten this day that marks 16 years since I've been able to give my dad a hug.

#BrindleLove FTW. Willie and Chika! Can you give this sweet girl a forever home???

I think it *feels* like the Brooklyn Brewery logo

it's your flow vs. THIS ...that's a men's xl Shirsey. Ally the Great Dane says #chopchop HOLTS :)

With a #Gators AND #Pens game on at the same time Ally and I have been banished upstairs. #Caps #fb

BAROOO! Meet Baus, Charlie, Alice & other PAWESOME 's from 12-2 today at the Bailey's Crossroads Petco!

Nappin' #LikeABaus

Nappin' #LikeABaus