Been called the Human Daffy Duck among other things. Huge pinball junkie, work for @997NOW @live105 @raiders radio broadcast in San Francisco!

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I was just asked "what inspires u to drive like a maniac? What r u player in it cd player?" well here ya go

Ever wonder what we do with all the demos we get ? Welcome to the wall of shame, the wack of the wack!

License plate winner of the day!

4 weeks of being in bars #nowin

I like! Nice 348. I wouldn't mind a360 in yellow

The ultimate Skuba counterpart. It tells me when it's broken, no down time, perfect harmony

is hanging out with me tonite at hit us up!

exclusive!!! planks in the lounge!!!

Yes, I'm at work, das how I roll #nowin

I'm in the "408"!!! How often is that?

Sasha is halfway done

Kane likes his food tonite

Things I see in 'The Dro'

Look a cake!!

It's alive!!!! UMK3 powered up! Restoring can begin now!

Nap time, I got 1 of my stuffed bears with me

watcha know bout dis slap this in the #nowin lounge #retro #pimpy

I think they are tired from Aidswalk! PS, thanks for sleeping on my clean laundry! (punk ass!)

I'm at Aids walk this Sunday with my wookies, if u see us come day hi!!

This old lady is biking through a construction site WHILE smoking a cigarette!!