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It better warm up or I might wear these to wedding :)

My work account just hit 1111 followers on 11/11. #nerdtweet

I think left her glasses at home this morning.. #NACWAA13

Moe's any day is good but free queso day is clutch!

best I can do from here! :/ praying you can de-stress soon!

just in case you missed my witty humor at practice today..

What are the chances I get to see some baseball today? #orioles

if you prefer the latter of 2 options you mean the later or last of the options listed #confusing

2007 ROY #reunion

There isn't a whole lot of music I buy on release day but will always be an exception :) #tieitup

Just watched 's other bf strikeout. No big deal :)

I was so pumped about getting cut up for summer

How long should I let her hang there?? :)

Happy senior day Syd!! See you soon!

Rocking out in the hallway :)

Nothing like a March winter wonderland.. Dear spring please hurry

Since it's twitter's 7-year anniversary thought I'd dig up my first tweet.. Epic rookie tweet four years ago Wed

Blast from the past methco reunion with two of my faves

My kind of snow day!!

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