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Singaporean. Secret desi. I talk about food, India, Thailand, Mid East, travel, tech, cycling and other things

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Is it sad that I read this as ‘balance’ in a Singaporean Hokkien uncle voice rather than as ‘balance enquiry’

This meal. Is pretty bloody awesome. This is me and Daniel Humm <3

I’m with Jiten and family in the house that made you sneeze all night :) the new media room is awesome

In Santa Clara. What am I supposed to do now? :) impressed I managed to bring my luggage and bike on the train.

The Asian in me is giggling at $1.79 packs of ‘coconut water’

The most expensive tempe in the world

I wish I was.

I wish I was.

thought of you guys when I saw this

Tactical nuclear penguin beer with and . check this out

Found pictures from last night on my phone. I don’t recall how they got there

I <3 Suomi.

I think cookie will be a hit with the lesbians.

Here I am sitting on a crocodile boat in Lake Balaton. I have a random cloud of a life.

But he’s actually a sweet boy and my brother from another mother.

Lol. shows his true colours. He looks like such a sleazy white boy.

My dog is a dumb ass. A lot like me. I love her so much.

Shopping for our party. The sign behind me is a harbinger of things to come

To build a democratic society. #pledgesg