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instagram thinks i'm new to this

ALERT all of our dreams are coming true

i never thought i'd see the day

sophie is really intrigued by this battle of the exes reunion episode. it's ok soph, it happens to the best of us.

oh no when did there get to be over 4,000 posts?? the shame that i feel is real right now

all i'm saying is that i'm about to look pretty cute at this concert tonight

should i keep this?? i apologize for my nails + the messy bathroom + the cats lmfao (and , it's by decree)

i fixed it so that it can't autoscale, take that ios7!!! the beauty is real guys im dying

i have reached this level again

i never understand why my phone's space fills up so fast and then this happens when i clean out my photos. #sendhelp

time for sunday morning errands/grocery shopping. taking advantage of this fab weather. i finally got some boots!!

pandora is trying to tell me that i need to have a high school musical marathon, i think

so qt tho :3

this is a good way to start my sunday lmfao


how bland are my google searches this past week, my god

yay campaign planning!!!1!1!1! #no

me on tumblr in disguise

this is gonna be interesting. (and yes, that's em as in my fave emily from the challenge. have you SEEN her?)