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I love music. Sometimes I bring my camera to shows for photos and video eos.

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BTW this is what Animal Collective's stage is supposed to look like.

And then there's this... Yes, that's a Frito chili pie coney dog. Stoner meal.

I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque. #roadtrip #fb

My view for the last 5+ hours... Editing videos ! Gettin' there!! Hit the wall for tonight.

My view for the last 5+ hours with #fb

Found this CD case but there's no disc in it. Looks trippy tho! I haven't bought a CD in years anyway.

Come get you some local music !! Lots of other way cool stuff here too, check it!!!

Your guitar looks HUGE in this pic, John Gourley!

Ridiculous! Thanks for a great show !!

That was an awesome, jam packed show for !! Way to represent #oklahomies!!

Hey , need a graphics operator? I guarantee NO misspellings would air if I were handling them! #oops #ows

Hey ... list normally only shows an hour of tweets, at the moment it's far less. Unacceptable!

When were armed #teaparty protestors ever attacked & arrested?! #ows #opdx #oo #occupyokc #occupychicago #OccupyWallSt

Pittock Mansion pls change free admission from BofA cards to credit union members! #opdx

And when the ad doesn't annoyingly drop down over your photo before I can view it, it's b/c of this. Lockerz #notgood

While I'm on a photo app tirade...
Yo, Lockerz users. Photos often look like this. #adwhores #notgood

Hey I made a makeshift chrome skull! Eagerly anticipating Halloween stream of #7SkiesH3!!

Proposal process for #occupyportland General Assemblies.

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