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I'm a HUGE #OUAT fan & an #UglyDuckling! Forever shipping #Gremma! I ADORE @jenmorrisonlive & @ddlovato! I'm vegetarian & very passionate about saving whales.

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. & , I am so sorry that you have to deal with someone speaking on your behalf about SQ. Just letting you both know that I support you and your true fans are here for you. Hugs to you!

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Rest in peace, Mira Wanting. You are missed -- especially on this night.

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my best friend & I just got home from Monte Carlo & we found ducklings in Jardin Japonais! :D #QuackAttack

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IMDb, when will you ever learn? It knows that when I put in 'O' I mean #OnceUponATime or when I put in 'H' I mean #House, but when it's Jennifer Morrison it's completely ignorant!

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I live by this quote these days. I even have it framed and standing near my bed to wake up and fall asleep to. #HappyBirthdayJenniferMorrison

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Edited and ready to be printed out, framed and hung on my wall. #JMo #quote

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I want him back! Okay?! #Gremma #OUAT And no, I will NEVER get over it! Not until he's back!

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LMAO! I freaking love this! Gotta love 's sense of humor :D

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When non-Scandinavians use that letter... :D

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Mél is stalking Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korrine, while they're in Paris, so I'm taking over for the countdown photos for a couple of days :D

37 days - aka 1 month and 1 week! - til I meet my Ginny Mélissa Estephan ♥ Eeeeeek! *o* Charming Family!

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You trying to tell me something, YouTube? :P #OUAT #DanishSongContest

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Proof that #DemiLovato is NOT in rehab again! Stupid #BlindGossip site! How could she RT something yesterday if she was in rehab? Huh?!

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‎93 daaaaaaaaayyss until I meet my Ginnyyyyyy! *o* #WhenJennyMeetsHerGinny ♥ cc

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#ThrowbackThursday Me at around 12 months old, I think?

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I can't wait for Christmas and then cook these for the first time :D

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Just five more months <3

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Just kill me now. Please. ... No, wait! Don't! I want to see how #OUAT ends!!! These two are my fave mother/daughter relationship!!!

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