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I'm stockpiling

Paul WS Anderson :/ Good cast though.

No Spectator , you are Santa! (via .)

Beware Boba Kitty

Decision made. Tron time.

Fuck forbid that we should have an *actual* tree in the neighbourhood

Bad ass (via Reddit)

The piece of building dropped on me by a pigeon:

Having a rather large drink in the CroBar for old time's sake

Urban as Dredd. Got a Mad Max vibe. I don't hate it.

Limited edition Alamo Drafthouse Spaced event poster by Tyler Stout

Complimented on my beard by a Viking while having Scandinavian lunch with

Alarm clock

Did I mention I got Moon loot?

"Looks like we got ourselves a reader..."


Opened my case to find it's still full of swag from the last trip. Damn, I'm organised

More birthday swag. Wake up. Time to die. #Therapy?

Birthday swag #Drokk

I read this as a challenge #CouchHard