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Diabetes doesn't define me, but it helps explain me. Tweets from a girl with an unemployed pancreas.

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Wow. That's a hell of a word verification for a diabetic: ;)

The wild Abby Cat in her sort-of natural habitat.

I am really grateful for the home office today

Construction worker tea party. :) (multitasking once again, )

About to taste-test some freshly baked gluten free bread.

Ew, Target, and your low-making ways. Waiting to drive. :(

Siah, the Useless PatrolCat, pretending to look for a mouse.

Cookie Monster cupcakes for the birthday guy:

Wishing was here. #jdrfgovday

and in their new album: Shorty and the Pimp #diabetes

Holy rise in diabetes diagnoses. #jdrfgovday

Type 1 diabetes is occurring at a younger and younger age. #JDRFGovDay

Making progress at all stages of diabetes.


Holy crap, #dprom made the #JDRFGovDay slides!

... and an ellipmachine workout just ended the streak. Damn you, #sweatabetes!! ;)

Hell yeah: no-hitter.

let me use the sketch app on her iPhone. My crappy rendition of Siah:

It's been a craptastic 12 hours. #diabetes

Already done. #hcsm