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Diabetes doesn't define me, but it helps explain me. Tweets from a girl with an unemployed pancreas.

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Birdy and I voted. She thought it was awesome. I agreed.

My favorite co-worker, all tuckered out while Mommy works to hit a deadline:

#dsma Nerdy birdies. #ffl12


Team Red Sox for the win here in 2/3 of the Sparling household. ;)

Even though I paid for WiFi, it didn't work for 90% of my flight. But it kept saying I was connected!

Last night's CGM graph. Too bad I hit the trenches at 3 am. #diabetes

Almost a no-hitter. Couple of spikes in there. #diabetes

It's running a little high (my meter has me at 112), but I like that it's between the lines. #diabetes

A little pre-gym coffee hit. See also: coffee is not a substitute for sleep.

Oh, you are the effing bomb. I salute you! (And thank you!!)

I took a wee ickle screen shot myself. :) #eightcrazyreindeer

Joining you on the rollercoaster. #diabetes #ryan

Evidence. #beavis

My first lemon meringue pie. It wasn't a complete crisis.

Some curious little books arrived in the mail today, and we LOVE them!! THANK YOU!!!