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‎​오시는길! 문미엔 미니스트리 TEL.02)548-2298! 사랑가득한 하루보내시길!

좋은파티 (6.23 8pm) 23일은 예수님을 모르시는 분들을 초청하여 좋은파티로 드리게됩니다. 귀한집회에 사랑하는 여러분들을 초대합니다!

Arise and Shine (6.21~22 8pm) 21,22이일은 복음집회를 드립니다! 참된 복음의 능력과 하늘의 비전이 풀어지는 귀한집회에 사랑하는 여러분을 초대합니다!

‎​God hates sin, but God loves the sinner. Everyone has a mistakes, No worries! He loves us always!

Thank you so Much :D !!

Holyspirit come to Gag Concert! With Eunhyuk

And For more information go to or! Yay :D!!

"Brian Joo Mini Showcase Live in Malaysia" July 10, 2010 (Sat) !!

Morning serve with Donghae :D !!

I pray young christians of this Generation won't be discouraged! God Bless, Walk with God ♥

Talking about ONETHING! Spiritual time With Uncle Charlie ;) !

We are Third Wave! With Pastor Johnny :) hahaha!

Singles featured in Singles :(

Rest in God !! No shame , No Fear !! :D

We live in God !!! Yay !! Fill us up :D!!

출발드림팀! HAHAHA!


She drew off of this picture of mine. Isn't she a genius? Huh? :) love u Yuna always!

By ‎​My lovely niece Yu-na

This is a picture drawn by my 4 year old niece Yuna! ‎​My lovely niece.. Blessing :)