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That’s it. There isn’t any more. #roadiecycling


This is what happens when you’re slapping at mozzies ! #doublebloodmoon

Sorry but there’s no contest. Here is Leonides Matteo. The most beautiful little boy in the world. #proudAunty

We have a new baby in the family

Oh phooey. Forgot the pic #screengrab from ’s team sign-in.


Always enjoy finding photographers to follow. Maybe Miss will too? Beautiful pics by !!

here ya go.

Helicopter shots of the peloton look like this on my Italian feed. #pixelblur #flockofbirds

Oh & here's some #fridayfunnies

Think i’ll just stay here a little longer….. #cadelnews

Oh and this….. Superman is an Aussie. Here’s the proof ! One of many of my favourite photos of

Now if you excuse me…..

Digging around in the past & look who I find.

Well it’s Thursday here now soz I’s puttin’ on my brave face for the whole dayz cos Cadel is gonna tell us his plans.


aaaaw geez Dan!

And from me #ThankYouThor

On my iPad…. Lookie here. Above the touch keypad. #annoying