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The best thing since the best thing since sliced bread. Blogger, DJ, Mood Director & Professional Partier located in Las Vegas.

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She won't watch the game with me, but I go to the living room and she's posted up watching it.

The Bulldog is uninterested in The Bulldogs game.

Made it to fucking & DAMN YOU!

Fuck you - welcome back to

getting whispered at by

seems like something should be at. Way to drop the ball

And some new reading material...

New addition to my coffee table book collection.

look at this bad boy. Triple threat crock pot action.

found you some ultimate jeggings.

Robber status cc:

Cheese experiment fail. Cc:

What in the fuck is this even?

you missed out, picked these bad boys up for $24.95 today.

My notes are extremely beneficial tonight.

The finest writing instruments known to man.

Good to see the master back at work . Ladies and Gentlemen, . That is all.

Yo I thought we banned remixes, what the fuck?

seriously? Shots with aren't the same without you.

Insanity. Mix Master Mike & Travis Barker