ilana di marco


18. drummer. photographer. instagram: ilanaway. official instagram: sincerelyilana SVA. looking for a band in NYC.

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Lol i hate u RT : My mom invited Ilana to come to Applebee's & I was just like why lmao

Happy birthday Aunt Bonne I miss you more than words

Wow me 20 times for a follow... I guess I'll followwwww !


she knows the deal but I guess she ain't feelin it... Cheers to that tho #amirite

Look what I got

look demz we look like assholes... Cute assholes

mayb u shouldn't come bakkkk !!!! Be happy ur home !!!!

JJ we wanna be 's new interns!

Me and you #crackerjackd !

it was an awesome event! Thanks for having it. Here's my picture of me and

Told my mom is adopting me into the family ... This is her response

here with and !

school of rock is on tho

email them !! Hopefully we can go !

Hey me and wanna be you


if you're ready come and get it na na na na na