Only got 1 life 2 live & this ain't no soap opera!!!#teamGemini ~Mark 8:36 For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but forfeit his soul~

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": retweet this with your dick ;)"

Pancakes w/the sausage on the side!! LET ME SERVE YOU UP!!

": I'm home sick" always in ya' heart sis

Damn...I miss the fuck out my pops!!!

I still don't like that bitch...w/ her pretty ass lol (ex~wife)

lol I know right but I make that shit look good

Loving & caring fa' my daughter makes me a happy man!!

hot shit nah|how I look right here??

walk in & I #turnup on 169th & Woods up the street 'round the corna' from

": I need a new surrounding, new everything!!" mos def a #goodlook #fwm #teammanagement


tediously looking over work orders for the shop| KEEP CRASHING THEM DAMN CARS!!! #teammanagement

take it to the head

u sound homesick...& some other kinda' sick 2 but I ain't gon' fux w/ you!

very few fathers can say #CONFIDENTLY they want their daughters to find a man like them|I'm one of'em


#starving & #Calderos is calling my name but I think I'll cook some tacos

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