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Maritime Multimedialist: Anchor/Reporter/Talk Show Host @News957 #Halifax but this is MINE. My hobbies are AV junk like music/video/photo/blog-making. +Wife+Cat

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Hey, ...when I see your leather-jacket avi, I always remember this picture of our former Premier:

Flasback for 's cat. #dignity

Furious. hosed me out of tickets. Devastated.

I got tickets in my cart...checked out quickly...and it told me they EXPIRED!? TIME LEFT:

Awesome waves this morning at :

Neat stuff from the beach at , second one:

Neat stuff from the beach at , first one:

Another look out the studio window, with my DSLR.

Producer has been through enough snow that she's not intimidated by this storm.

Today's anchor pondering her snow plans. She'll be running the Storm Centre on tomorrow.

Me, as George Steele plus Koko B. Ware plus Jake Roberts plus ...Slash?

My parents' cat makes my cat look skinny. #fatcat

It's on my site now ... and here ya go...

This ad was at the bottom of your "smug" article:

Kitty either looking seductive or like The Rock. Can't quite tell. ?

Yup. That's what's available, that's what I'll shoot.

Can't I look perky and alert in just one scrum photo?

Apparently there's a #geek rule against only watching one screen at a time:

All those wacky things Cindy Day's Grandmother Says on , in ONE BOOK! Pick it up soon: