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One of the founder Simons at Code For The People (@cftp), we jump WordPress through hoops for you. Tweets mostly reflect the opinions of half of my employer.

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No, , 101 is the new UK Police *non*-emergency number, so you don't need to block it.

Multisite subscription confirm emails don't follow domain mapping, see pic… or am I #doingitwrong, any hints?

Errr, what exactly is the point of the QR code on this page on

No loss of suction in this message, Dyson. Two weeks? TWO WEEKS?

London-centric bias? What London-centric bias? Other places have weather apart from London.

Everything in my Safari window got mirrored, then got the right way up right after I took this screen grab. Weird.

Very pleasant walk along a Northumberland beach yesterday.

Is this Simon Wheatley? Errrr… no. #iPhoto

The chap used to have this sign in the four pane window at the front. Can be read two ways.

Occasionally the iPhone GPS tagging on photos gets it pretty far out.

Can I interest you in an enhancement to yr portfolio metabox? The images display and a 600px size is used.

Ordered ( for to take to her Big Professional Party in London.

Happy now?

Turns out setting the title attribute isn't hidden in WordPress custom menus, useful for link context #wordupwhitehall

Who wants to see the inside of my left eye? (Apparently that's roughly what eyes are supposed to look like inside.)

It's like a little cup! But made of effing chocolate! #mfdf11

Will pics of outraged face do?

Difficult to see (low light photography) but THAT ladies and gents, is a pig's head (or it was.) #mfdf11

Ox Heart and horseradish, with a ZOMG Côtes du Rhône. It's like a steak-ish kidney. #pretentious #mfdf11 #zomg