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Cheesecake on a stick! can't look excited because he'll lose his cred.

Chillin' with the hound.

Homemade kielbasa and bread for dinner: delicious!

While dogs are allowed on #PATH as long as they're contained, I don't think that includes pitbulls in laundry bags.

It seems has succumbed to the fancy hats and Ikea food.

The huddled dapper masses.

PERFECT camping weather!

Anyone in the sketchy door market?

View from Mitsuwa! Perfect day for a bike ride.

When tulle attacks!

Where the beer happens!

At the beach... I think? Can't actually see it, but it sounds about right.

Today, escargot = freedom snails.

Custom-order pride pantone bracelet!

Japanese food is so happy!

Giant inflatable happy high line mushroom!

I am about to eat this. It is almost as tall as a pint glass, cost $5, and contains a fried egg & beets among others.

Jersey seals?

Unemployment advantage: midday giant stacks of french toast.