I make clothes happen.

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Dinner: dark & stormy, spicy sweet potatoes, pan seared Brussels sprouts and chicken sausage.

I'm not usually one to show off my outfit, but I am damn cute today. New H&M blazer, complete w/ suede elbow patches!

View from my new (18th floor) office. I can haz windows!

Getting through my first day back at work deserves goodies (the ice cream is on the way)

Very friendly cat outside my window. Want to keep!

Really, ? I thought you of all institutions would know that the plural of "medium" is "media."

ALL THE CHILI (finally putting my 16 qt pot through its paces)


All set up and ready to go! Also, strategically located across the street from the grilled cheese truck.

Further evidence that and I are, in fact, ridiculous.

Machine embroidered tentacle shirt!

Laid out flat, the scarf is exactly 124" not including tassels. Garter stitch is so damn stretchy it's hard to measure.

Two-thirds scale Doctor Who Scarf is done! Actually it's about 12', so more like 3/4 scale?

This was me yesterday. It was good times.

Creepy stilt horse guy thing:


I found me a wench!


Theatahhh is happening