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saw this and thought of you. :D

Twitter! I voted! :D (In the NZ general election.)

Look, I love walking and reading as much as the next girl but dome times it's just a waste of a good walk.

Today we're cleaning. Phew.

The drunk clothing rail fell on me. I've subdued it now though. Feeling VERY smug I knew exactly where string packed.

Unpacked rainbow curtain and welcome mat. Already feel better.


Well. I'm 100% packed. And the movers are here. This is my wardrobe in bits. O.o

Aw. :( (I know, I know, proper noun.)

Look, my letters are happy to see me! :D

Penultimate walk home. To an empty house. But, this is not sad time, it's supper and sock slides time!

Sort of wish I'd called it 'misc shit'.

Almost all my ribbon and hair things collection. #packing

My cousins. Youngest is my god-daughter, J. They're 11, 15 & 19 now. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?! (I'm about 19/20 here.)

Srs business correspondence. (Cc and ) #onegiantfeeling

18 y/o me in NZ, online prob to some of you, with dog asleep in lap.

Am now a bag of feelings. (These photos are 10 years old, from when we got the dog.)

More packing, found my box of paperwork, letters & memorabilia in desperate need of sorting.

Packing. Pictured: hats, cosplay stuff and Lashings paraphernalia. Spot what belongs to what cosplay/sketch. ;D

It's hard to tell but 's dad's dog is asleep in my lap. ^_^