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DC's turn on the plate!! Hats off, as well as my hair and scalp to the Hottest Superheroes in town. Awesome! #LOL.

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Why tell me now when I've reached this far... Hahaha! Found this sign. Thought it was funny.

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Because I will set you on fire! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! #ItsMoreFunInPhilippines

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Since I was a kid, I never got the hang of unfolding that pair of scissors!!! Now look where it got me last night. Tsk!

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Me love!!! Yeah...i rock them shoes =)

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No man is lonely eating pizza and requires so much attention...hehe. Happy palm Sunday and April fools day!

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Michelle Brunch. You don't see that everyday.. Waaduup :)

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It's love that makes you weak and the pain that makes you stronger. Opposite effect it is. #random :)

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Dessert is a course that typically comes at the end of a meal. Bang!!! Way to start my summer diet again. Hehe

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With a face like that, you dont have to say you're sorry.. How can you say no to that. Happy Puppy Day Chelsoi :)

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That awkward moment when you're bored but you don't know what to do! Haha. Not everyday you get to vandalize!

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And this is what makes me miss Cebú more and more. :)

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Batman. Nasaan kana... Kanina pa ako tawag ng tawag. Bwahaha. Zis iz rare. Bahala na si Batman.

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Cleaning ur room cant kill you... But why take a chance! Haha.

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Our newest Bugoy in the Family! Welcome to the world of greed, envy, lust and anger! Kuya is here to protect you.

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Jessie... Also known as Ferocious Gentle Playful Friendly Fluffy :D

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Lutu-lutuan kasama si Vira kahapon. Mini oxtail tacos, butter-Parmesan chicken wings, at aligue pasta with sugpo.

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Stuffed vegetables semi-success. Mukha talagang kadiri ang kinalabasan ng mga pinagagawa ko sa buhay. Hehe.

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Black rose TATTOO is ❤ :)

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