Schizophrenic. Almost.

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#CineMontages Insomnia | When the midnight sun plays havoc with your sense of reality and moral code |

#CineMontages House Of Games | Another classic from #Mamet. A confidence game taken too far |

Space-Time Discontinuum | #RandomClicks | Calcutta Passport Office |

#CineMontages Homicide | Classic from #Mamet, Mantegna is super as well. Film Noir-esque |

#CineMontages In Bruges | Apart from the scenic Bruges, nothing spectacular. The humor is forced. Farrel's overrated |

#CineMontages Donnie Brasco | A revisit. Brilliant characters packed together. Depp shines; Pacino not himself, imho |

#CineMontages The Iron Lady | The narrative just didn't work for me. Nothing much to say, just good old Meryl |

As I Lay Dying | #RandomClicks |

#CineMontages 13 Assassins | The usual Miike affair. Felt like a nod of head to Seven Samurai. Best harakiri I've seen.

#CineMontages In The Mood For Love | A revisit after long. Cinematic jazz by WKW.

Don't think twice, it's alright | #RandomClicks |

#CineMontages Bez Konca | Time, chance, coincidences, love. Another masterpiece by #Kieslowski |

Sweet Surrender | #RandomClicks |

Wearing the inside out | #RandomClicks |

Kindred Souls | #RandomClicks |

Sahara | #RandomClicks |

#CineMontages Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy | Here's a thriller for the ages. And some of the cinematography was amazing |

#CineMontages The Artist | Dujardin was quite impressive (so was Uggie). Yet the film was a bit underwhelming for me |

#CineMontages All or Nothing | Another gripping drama by Mike Leigh (Naked still remains my fav though) |

In the heat of the night |