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How’s your #iPhone lookin?

How’s your #iPhone lookin?

How’s your #iPhone lookin?

Supposed to be tornados around here today. Not wasting any time I see

First the messages status bar icon was not clearing, now it’s Mail. Idk if it’s OpenNotifier or LockInfo causing this

About to celebrate with with my city! Thanks for a great season Shockers!

One of my favorite Steve Jobs interviews!

#WatchUs #PlayAngry

Drinking my sorrows away!

And that’s why #hackintosh

Always a scary move #hackintosh

Seriously WTF

Now there’s a special on #ABC2020 #Oscar

Even though its cracked I still don’t want to sell my iPhone4 but there’s a friend in need #BeenThroughSoMuchTogether

Just drove across town twice to deliver my GF her chef coat, since I forgot it the first time #doh

Xcode on iPhone lol #productivity

My #MailboxApp is here!

Looks like today is the day for #MailboxApp #Finally

Those options are awesome, I’ve always thought the top row is too close to the SB with iconoclasm.

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