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If it weren't for Chrome & , my whole dock would be blue/green.

Totally Riddick.

According to , I'm super influential in Sports, Cars and Microsoft Windows! They know me so well!

Any idea why Alfred would freeze & not reopen -600 error when I disconnect my ethernet cable, maybe monitor?

Ad Space vs. Real Content: Who's the winner? Certainly not the viewer.


See if this helps clarify:

Good night of TF2'ing. Total of 99 kills credited with my name!

Customizing web apps like Basecamp with Userscripts is pretty dang awesome. Makes it actually usable!

This thing. Why?

New phone, New wallpaper: "Pink Lemonade"


If icons are spaced out, "snap to grid" appears to snap all the icons together for no space. 10.6 did not.

I'm pretty sure & friends put this name tag out for the 10 year reunion just to mess with me...

Another subtle touch in . It's the little things that make it so delightful. Well, maybe not for the monkey.