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Three pizzas + one girl = finals study time. I'll be here all night! #SchoolSwag

1. You could've come & helped me write my microbiology report at 7 am. 2. They got my name right!

This was a full pack of gum before we left for Lawton.. 30 MINUTES AGO! ate 6 pieces #GumDoesntDigest

Margaritas at Elote; complete with live music! Where you at ?!

Obama doesn't strike me as an Urban Outfitters kind of guy, but Twitter doesn't lie..

...consolation number one. For every good heart break, there is a good bottle of wine. #Cowboys4Ever #OKStateProbs :(

Shots before work! Cherry flavored my ass.

Beers on beers on... #friday

Tonight. Megan and Courtney get hammered time.

Even though I left 30 min early for class, I'm going to be late because I'm stuck 5 cars deep at #OneExit

Harry Potter Pandora + Jamba Juice + 5 trillion assignments = study day for test tomorrow.

I see you

My new guilty pleasure - apple & peanut butter sandwiches #lunch

even though you deleted your tweet & I think & I are the only alcoholics to respond #HappyFriday

I'd say I have an addiction.. #energydrinks #rockstars ((I have another stock at work))

Uh oh, , we're in trouble... #shopping #addicts

Spill drink on shoes - keep shoes on bar. #idiot

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