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Among the skinny jeans and played out mma shirt... I find this gem at Marshalls

Wack ass fireworks...

Really dude?

Lost my debut fight this weekend at

Way to go local SD news. Not knowing we live in Carmel (not Caramel) Valey

Get the his & his towels ready

...but my son and his pal DID just meet at sky high jump.

My house = sunny. 1 mile away at the beach...

That moment when ur friend is on tv as a Yeti

'Guilty of something' face.

Danzig was back in SD tonight.

2 mma windows. with & ! Let's go!

Just got the new floors in the office. Still got cleaning to do though.

75 and sunny playing bball. #sandiegolivin #ballislife

My son bough a rocket that looks nothing like a smurf penis.

Watching NBA TV and my brother shows up taunting in a commercial haha

Love God if you like. But don't push your beliefs on my kid at Halloween.

... and the trick or treating has begun with Deadpool my son.

...and all is right with the world again. #backtogether

HORSESHIT!!! F*U Scrabble!!!