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t-bagged myself twice in the previous sleepless days--got desperate trying to keep puffed eyes open.

Dope #whalers hat at #skinners in st peez. #skinners softball team -- looks like fun crew - friends?

One small reusable blue bag with 3 bills of purchases $260 local artists+clothing. #damn

..to.. new album -- #hot #words #energy #lyrics .. Awesome boss free album download online..

Getting ready for my rooftop "opening" -- warm up on 26th -- 2hr shuffle to..

so good - high on #life + pulled trigger on both vinyls .. If not familiar..#checkthem

Few words made the re: #EarthDay event even that much more worth it + warmed my heart. #bethechange.

#morticiantruth -- it's gone tomorrow. Tell everyone as often as you possibly can...you are #loved.

7hrs and a 3rd pot of tea in - solid draft to get out me out of here..#msp, as always much going on.

#msp check the Sun popping through stormy skies sharing love before it sets w/a rainbow to the east.

Lit from above that shit just radiates #holy ;)

Holy space ship soda machine ! Oooh the ridiculousness that our future holds.. simple can be better.

Rumors removed beach ball covers on concrete balls as folks injured themselves kicking them.

Perfect application ?

Helmet Che + I ... Pretty much "Motorcycle Diaries" on the east side of Saint Paul right now. #smile

Snatched couple tix for tonight (hit Studio 23 on Hennepin!)#getsome !

Couple t-shirt shout outs at #recordstoreday -- gotta keep spreading the #love

Never been a needle + thread gal but thankfully lots of S hooks + twine in the prep room. #patchitup

G + I recycling bin diving for materials for #EarthDay projects. Trip #2 we came back prepared. #ick

I may have been inside a huge stanky recycling bin gather materials for Sunday http://bit.ly/IWwSxl

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