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Will race u if u nod at her on the freeway, Does Larry King's laundry, Meets a lot of fancy people, Has a black belt in forgiving, Loves her 3 boys.

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The tree trimming has begun! A little early for us this year, but we're waaay behind the stores! When do u usually start decorating?

Celebrating bday Gangnam Style w/ and Chan Ho Park!

Finally done at the apple store. Lets long was I here??? 2 1/2 hrs??

At the Mission I SanJuan Capistrano...seeing close up what all 5th graders study at school!

Nothing screams "Country" like cornstalks, pumpkins, haystacks and a freeway.

Last minute trip to the pumpkin patch..looks like all the big ones already have homes.

Oh my Gossssshhhhhh! I could kiss you right now...but my mouth is full of chicken...

There's nothin' like a surprise pair of shoes from the hubby to make the terror of a root canal go away.:)

Ha! Thanks! RT : Dentist shot and your NOSE is numb? Shades of L'il Shop of Horrors! :) Feel better soon!

Is this scoop of Pinkberry trying to send me a message?

Put your hands in your pockets, Shawn, and step away from the pie!

Red square in Moscow--like Epcot Center, but colder!

A pic from earlier tonight in Khazakstan after a great dinner and program w/ the Prime Minister!

Leaving beautiful Khazakstan--heading to Moscow. Big day tomorrow. It was a big day today!

I know it's 4:30 am pst, but just in case you're up, here's a hello & a hug from & me in Norway!

We just walked into the theater in NYC where will receive his Lifetime Achievement Emmy. I'm so proud of him!

Its a big night for Cannon! His first school dance!

Well...I've made a little progress packing for my 2 1/2 week intergalactic trip . Just a tad more to go...

Hilarious! Paparazzi waiting to catch someone else, literally caught with his pants down! #payback!