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Explorer. Historian. Student affairs pro. Coloradan. Runner. Alumnus of the University of Northern Colorado (B.A.) and Texas Tech University (M.Ed.)

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Any thoughts on why I'm "completing" this goal early?

I never knew this had a name!!

I love this.

Ouch, and ! "Exclusive" does not have two Ls…

A little insight into the beginning of a thesis (see "this sucks").

This is perfect.

I am damn proud of this speed curve--look how smooth it is! #NationalRunningDay

I was playing Plague on my phone. Then I saw this online. Now I'm scared.

For you, friend:

. Seriously?! This happens frequently (3x/episode). What's going on?

I got Facebook graph search and it made me sad.

I wonder what would happen if we gave these to the front desks?

Columbia's history department really looked for the best acronym here: #zombiehistory

A professor offered to mail a postcard home with a student's grade…weird.

"There can only be one blue corn mohawk!"

Floor plans for Clemson's Fraternity/Sorority Village incl. the "house mother suite"--is that term still used today?!

Uh, - what's going on with elevation? I ran on a track...

Even on my lunch break, I'm surrounded by #ResLife (and Lizzy McGuire, apparently):

Watching "Titan, A.E." for the first time and enjoying this little shout-out to northern Colorado!

California…what?! Why? How? #strange