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. is showing our friend Dan Google cardboard & Leki is not impressed #aloofkitty

At the beach w/

this thing in front of the van Andel. Gives out plastic eggs

#makerfaire crowd not as into 3ds as an anime crowd. 6 street passes vs ~60 at an anime con. dragons made up for it

I completely forgot they decorated for Halloween Ooh...& seasonal quests! #guildwars

Wolverine as headmaster? Really? This is why I can't read the X-Men.. #wtf

Neighbor to apartment complex: It's already the autumn equinox. Get those xmas lights UP!

nice little jellyfish...

played more chicken w/ the Balrog but luckily Durin help him back & I survived. Thanks buddy. :D #lotro

instead of running for my life, I died while screenshotting the Balrog in #lotro. Next go around going to try for better shots & probably die again. :P

Neighbors dont turn on the animatronic deer but they're still rockin' the holiday cheer

This sunset in Nagrand is nicer looking than I remember last time leveling in this zone. #WoW

Blueberries win! I now have monstrous, misshapen pancakes. OMG so big.

I see they've added valentine-themed fireworks to Love Is In The Air event #WoW

Battlestar Galactica Online is different. Browser based game.

ooh..I have some sort of spirit pet now. #Rift

Kinect + #WoW = whole new way to play.

this should work. :D

Nothing like taking a long trip in a tin can driven by a crazy goblin.

I think I found Donkey Kong's grandpa on this island & he's kinda pissed #WoW

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