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Dark fruit Strongbow. Verdict: I’ve got the actual horn. It’s AMAZING.

ha! It was taken Friday, I chopped it from this

Last night. Well drunk

Been working on a new stoned area of the garden. Liking it a lot.

erm, my friend isn’t keen on recorder playing

My dog being naughty. How can I tell him off? Look at his tail.

6.15am down a cycle track. It still happens in 2012. I had to take a photo.

Boots up a tree. InstaGRIN.

My plan to stay in bed forever with a lovely fresh glass of water is FUCKED.

Cutest summerhouse ever. we've just played the violin. Badly.

I come home to this handsome fella, and he warms me feet for me.

This makes me sad. Local horses (6 in all) untethered making their way through houses by road.

Now he is doing this. Sleep well my gent.

And this. I almost burst with happiness watching them both.

posted earlier but I love my mums pointy fingers so I won't apologise for a repeat.

can you see this? Her name is 'Lazy Otter'. Of course I had to take a snapshot for you!

Spot the dog. What a lovely place.